Why Do We All Own A Sunburst Mirror?

Why Do We All Own A Sunburst Mirror?

What is a sunburst mirror?

Small circular mirrors that have rods or rays that extend throughout the entire length. They are often affixed to walls to act as individual pieces, above mantels, beds and consoles. They’re typically employed for decoration rather than as functional.

Where can sunburst mirrors placed?

Anywhere on a blank wall. In homes across the nation and in any particular glitzy formal, boho-chic, or formal area, and in the art and wall sections of stores for homes.

You’re being surrounded by them There’s a good chance you’ve been seeing them all over your existence, but the fact that you’ve seen them or not is based on how much you value the relatively unnoticeable wall decor. As we all stare at each other’s homes on Zoom Perhaps you’ve recently seen a sparkling spikey thing on the back of a friend’s head that isn’t. This is a Large Sunburst Mirror!

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Mirror to fit your space


Dark or narrow hallways could benefit from mirrors with antique mirror frames. It can help create an illusion of space. Additionally, there’s the added benefit of being able to check whether you’re looking good before you leave! Make sure you choose mirrors that include some storage features, like shelves or hooks to maximize walls.


One of the most important accessories for your bathroom is a big mirror that can be hung either on the wall or over the vanity. Smaller cloakrooms can benefit from the mirror that has a tiny shelf, while a bigger space could be able to accommodate a mirror integrated into a shelf system to keep bathroom towels and other things in order.


Full-length floor mirrors make the ideal home in a dressing room. They are best placed in an area with ample natural light, making the space feel bright and airy.

Living Room

Mirrors in a living space can be a nice addition to the wall that is above the fireplace, which can to bounce light over dark spaces and provide an element of interest to the room. Make use of your imagination here, the mirror in your living room doesn’t necessarily have to only reflect reflections!


Don’t neglect your garden! round mosaic mirror for your outdoor space adds a surprising appeal to your living space. They will make your garden appear larger too.

Mirror Tips to Buy Mirror Tips

Taking into consideration Mirror types

Mirrors for walls are designed to be hung and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that are suited to any space and use.

Full-length mirrors or dressing mirrors are Mirrors with full-length mirrors that are long and narrow as they’re made to provide the full-length reflection. They can be mounted on the wall or freestanding.

Mirrors that are freestanding or leaner do not require wall mounting and typically are full-length.

  • Mirror frames, materials, and designs

A majority of mirrors feature frames. It’s the final element that defines the design they’re a part of. The design of the frame and material you pick can affect other aspects also, including the cost and weight. The most popular frames are made of wood, metal and glass. They can be found in a variety of colours and finishes like matte, glossy, etc.

  • Mirror positioning and hanging tricks

If you’re looking for an image to fill in an area, you’ll have a clear idea of its location. The idea of hanging your mirror over furniture, on the gallery wall or in the centre of a wall that is empty will ensure that it is able to pack a powerful punch. To make the most impact, make use of it to maximise sunlight. Place mirrors in a row opposite one another or close to a window to increase the impact.



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