Why is it important to clean AC coils?

Why is it important to clean AC coils?

A clean house is the base of healthy life. You can’t live in the dirt and expect to be healthy and happy. That’s why you should pay attention to AC Coil cleaning. You can try to clean by yourself but if you can’t then you should apply for AC maintenance services. Maintenance company Dubai will provide you with a team full of professionals who can help you with the cleaning. Coil cleaning is not easy but it is quite important, let’s see why?

Evaporator and Condenser

You may not know but there are two types of air conditioner coils.
Air conditioners take the heat out of the air already present in your home. Air conditioning systems’ AC coils are the pure magic that makes all of this possible. Coils come in two varieties: evaporator coils and condenser coils.
The AC unit’s interior houses the evaporator coils, which are in charge of removing heat and humidity from the air in your room. The condenser coils, meanwhile, are found inside the unit’s exterior. Your home’s condenser coils use refrigerant to move heat from inside to outside.

How it gets dirty

You might be wondering how coils become dirty in the first place and how much dirt is required to affect your AC unit’s function.

Your coils might become dirty in a number of different ways. Your outdoor unit is exposed to exhaust if it’s next to a street, which might accumulate on the coils. On your condenser coil, dirt, vegetation, and other natural debris can accu必利勁
mulate and lead to problems. Pet hair and dust can accumulate on the indoor evaporator coil, especially if your air filter is unclean.

Why is it important to clean AC coils?

The AC coils must be kept clean in order for heat to transfer through them effectively without being obstructed by dirt and other debris. Lack of regular maintenance on the coils may cause an overheated AC system or increased energy costs and usage.

The condenser coils take the most damage from dirt and grime because they are located outside of your appliance. Heat won’t leave your home as quickly if the condenser coils are dusty. Additionally, your monthly expenses will be greater and your system’s chance of failing before its time will increase the harder your unit has to work to maintain the temperature you want. Despite being inside your unit, the evaporator coils are still exposed to the dust that is filtered out of your house. It will take longer to chill the air if the evaporator coils are unclean since they can’t remove as much heat or humidity from your room.

How often you should clean?

The frequency of air conditioner coil cleaning depends on how rapidly they become unclean. As we previously stated, there are numerous ways for dirt and grime to accumulate. If your unit is next to a street, it will probably become dirty more quickly and require cleaning several times a year. No matter where your unit is located, we advise cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils just before the summer season each year.
The coils should always be cleaned by an expert, as we usually advise. Cleaning air conditioner coils call for some expertise and experience. Panels and the outside shell of your item must be removed in order to access the coils. After doing this and being able to see the coils, we check to make sure they are fully functional. Having a professional do the process gives you peace of mind because damaged or defective coils can cause serious issues down the road.


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