Why is September the Best Month to Perform Umrah?

Why is September the Best Month to Perform Umrah?

When planning to perform the holy pilgrimage of Umrah, many questions might pop up in your mind. One of these questions might be; which season is the best to perform Umrah? Simply answered, September may be the best month to experience and pay a worthwhile visit to the Holy Kaaba. The September Umrah Packages are particularly designed to help you make the most out of your journey to Saudi Arabia.

However, you might still be confused about whether or not to choose September as your time to perform the pilgrimage. In this article, we have deeply explained why September is the ideal month, and how it helps make your Spiritual journey a worthwhile experience. Let’s get straight in to discover all the reasons that affect your performance of Umrah. 

Protection from Extreme Weather 

The City of Saudi Arabia remains struck by extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Pilgrims look out for the time when the scorching heat is not burning the holy lands of Makkah and Madinah to perform their spiritual journey of Umrah. September hence is by far the best month to perform Umrah and not get affected by the extreme weather of the holy cities. 

People paying a visit to Saudi Arabia from cooler areas like the UK may find it hard to do their Umrah in hot weather. Thus, September may be the best choice for these people to easily visit Makkah and Madinah, and experience the holy places. The mild weather of September often acts as a motivating force for pilgrims to make their spiritual journey to the Holy Kaaba. 

Autumn Season is Less Populated 

When autumn kicks in, the weather gets super humid with less certainty of rain. A lot many pilgrims thus prefer the winter season for their Umrah and opt for Umrah Packages accordingly. Moreover, the season also offers convenient priced packages, so for people low on budget, September is the best option to go for. 

Makkah and Madinah are full of travelers throughout the year who are there to perform Umrah. However, they may be less in one season than the other. Although the holy places remain crowded the entire year, September brings peace and fewer crowds to the place. So, for pilgrims who wish to acquire the true essence of their spiritual journey, repent whole-heartedly for their sins, and gain nearness to Allah (SWT), then they should opt for the month of September. 

Vacation Time 

For most countries in the world, September is the holiday season. Hence, for the Muslims residing in such countries, opting for the best September Umrah Packages is the best option. Every year people devote this vacation time to their families and take tours to spend the best time. They can easily derive great advantages from this vacation time, and devote it to Allah. In addition to the blessings, they will find peace within themselves by making the most out of their holidays. The good news is that the bookings and arrangements can be done without much trouble by the travel agents. Many travel agencies come up with superior packages, which are exactly tailored to the needs of the pilgrims.  

Wide Array of Umrah September Umrah Packages

Since the travel operators strive actively during the holiday season, they come up with excellent September Umrah Packages and announce great discounts too. As a result, you can easily figure out the package that best serves your needs, and takes care of all the features you are looking for. Such generous packages make your Umrah tour a memorable one. Moreover, you may get to stay close to the Holy Kaaba or stay in hotels with a view of the Kaaba across the windows. Does anything sound more appealing than this? The best thing to do is book your Umrah packages Uk in September to get to live close to Haram, which is the greatest sight in the whole universe. 

How Long Does the Performance of Umrah Take? 

Simply answered, the whole Umrah rituals take less than a day to be performed. Beginning from the entrance of a pilgrim wearing Ihram and ending at the trimming of the hair. The spiritual act of Umrah is just a matter of some hours indeed. Pilgrims have to perform Tawaf round the Holy Kaaba. After which is the Saee or walking between the hills of Safa and Marwa. The cutting of hair marks the end of all Umrah rituals, as mentioned earlier.

However, many pilgrims want a prolonged stay in the Holy land. After the performance of Umrah, they wish to pay a visit to the Holy places. Holding historical significance from the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hence, they must opt for September Umrah Packages that allow them a great stay in the blessed Country i.e., Saudi Arabia. 


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