Why SAP Skills are so important?

Why SAP Skills are so important?

SAP Consultant is a market leader in providing ERP solutions and services. It needs a lot of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, effort, expertise, and ability to become a reliable SAP consultant. Even though theoretical knowledge and practical experience are important to being a certified SAP Consultant. Skills are also required to transform yourself into an expert SAP consultant. The basic skill required to be an SAP consultant is strong education, business process knowledge, configuration skill, service marketing skill, ability to share knowledge, communication skills, teamwork, domain experience, and more.

Required Skills for SAP 

Strong Education

A strong education is the foundation to achieve a knowledge based professional job. Strong education that can provide you with new learning skills, subjects and technologies. To be an expert SAP consultant you should have strong knowledge of this concept both theoretically and practically. 


Job Skills

Job skills are also called work skills. If you want to be a SAP consultant you need many job skills to succeed. As a SAP Consultant, you must have the ability to design projects, Analyze Data, Make Presentations and Read Blueprints. 


Business Process Knowledge

To be an expert SAP Consultant you should have an idea about the business processes. Business processes are dynamic and need not necessarily they are same within the industry. The Business processes of each company may differ so you should understand the business process flow and subsequent business activities of a company.


Configuration Skills

Configuration skills are the most important skills for any SAP consultant. They should be able to set up all the data required for a configurable product like characteristics, classes, super BOM and routing, dependencies and configuration profiles and pricing conditions. 


Domain Experience

Domain experience is the working of a particular domain you are working with. SAP consultants must have domain knowledge in aspects such as banking and telecommunication skills.


Team Work

A SAP consultant must have the skill to work in a team with qualities such as co-operative, get along with others, agreeable, supportive, helpful, collaborative and more.


Communication Skills

To be a SAP consultant you should have good communication skills. Communication skills are not just talking in English. A SAP  consultant should always learn to talk both in business language and technical language. As a SAP consultant, you need to communicate with your clients in business language.


Marketing Skills

SAP Consultants must have marketing skills because they have to work closely with the marketing team and business stakeholders. They also have to interact with the client very often to map the business requirements with the marketing business process. SAP consultants have to find an innovative ways to meet objectives, ensure a solution for business needs and update business domain.



If you want to build a career as a SAP consultant you have to overcome all these challenges.


Lack of Business Process Knowledge

A SAP consultant may face many challenges if he or she doesn’t have proper business process knowledge. For, example knowledge of cost production calculation, P2P, O2C, Profitability analysis, Asset procurement, depreciation calculation etc….


Lack of Domain Experiences

The above mentioned business process knowledge is usually gained with domine experience. A SAP consultant without domain experience may face many challenges.


Lack of Hand-on Experiences

Even if you have complete theoretical knowledge of SAP concepts but don’t have hands-on experience face difficulties to start a career as a SAP Consultant. So to be a successful SAP consultant you should also focus on practical knowledge along with understanding the theoretical concepts.


Poor Communication skill

A SAP consultant with poor communication skill may face many challenges in their career. They must have good communication with clients and co-workers. Poor communication skills in both business and technical language can affect their career. 

Even though each individual can develop their skill by themselves. To be an expert in the SAP field you should have a strong foundation and ideas about it. To improve your skills, knowledge and career you can select a mentor to help you.


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