Why should you send your children to an International School in Malaysia?

Why should you send your children to an International School in Malaysia?

To accommodate the country’s expanding ex-pat community, leading international schools are gradually establishing themselves in Malaysia. There are excellent curricula from many nations that serve kids who hail from different parts of the world. Here are some compelling reasons why an international school in Malaysia is a great choice for your kid:

Top reasons to enroll your child in an international school in Malaysia 

  1. International Curriculum

In foreign schools, many different curricula and programs are offeres, all of which are adaptable in preparing students for future employment.

As these disciplines are specializing and target, students can make sure they choose courses appropriate for their postsecondary education and future employment. 

Additionally, this enables students to participate in additional courses and extracurricular activities that they find interesting. Students in the International School in Malaysia can select either a challenging academic path or a career-oriented road with their IB program. 

International schools in Malaysia advise their students to take 10 subjects for the IGCSE, including all require subjects.

  1. English as a language of instruction

English is the prima犀利士
ry language of instruction in international schools in Malaysia, particularly those that use American, British, and Canadian curricula.

Because of this, many students attending international schools speak English fluently and confidently, so English is building onto the key stage 2 syllabus.

Additionally, students in foreign schools are cheer to learn a second and third language, which motivates them to acquire many languages at an early age.

Second-language courses in Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin are provid to keep students’ proficiency in their native tongues. In reality, Global Indian International School in Kuala Lumpur offers classes in languages like French and Hindi.

Students who can speak more than one language gain advantages in their future careers. Their recall will be enhance, and learning a language opens them to opportunities outside of the country they reside in.

  1. Diverse but unified

Students and teachers from all around the world attend international schools, including those in Indonesia, China, South Korea, the UK, and the US.

International schools are glad to appreciate one another’s uniqueness and frequently engage in activities like researching and commemorating holidays to promote a global citizenship culture.

Your kids will grow up expose to different cultures and develop into global citizens early. They will benefit from this if they decide to study abroad at a university in the future because they won’t feel out of place and will instead blend in with their peers. 

  1. Integrated education

Memorization and high exam results are prioritized in Malaysian public schools. This rule does not apply to international schools. Students in foreign schools are given the opportunity to learn by doing and experiencing new things, which improves their cognitive, social, and academic skills. These exercises encourage kids to think creatively and acquire useful life skills in the process.

Fewer teachers per student are guarante in international schools. This ensures that student involvement is maximize because they will receive their teacher’s undivide attention during class.

  1. Growth Possibilities 

Students can pursue their hobbies and develop altruistic qualities as foreign schools encourage them to make a difference in their communities. 

Participating in extracurricular activities gives students the opportunity to manage their time while developing their leadership and sportsmanship abilities. Students are able to be organize, self-assure, and ready to face problems.

Additionally, students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities are evaluate, which teaches them to make snap judgments and develops them into effective leaders.

More Malaysian parents are choosing to send their children to overseas schools due to the endless chances offere there. 

A well-round, top-notch educational experience can only be had once, despite international schools being frequently pricey.

Do all schools have to teach key stage 2 syllabus? 

The National Curriculum includes a key stage 2 syllabus. This instructs teachers on what subjects to cover, at what grade level, and what subjects to teach in schools. The National Curriculum must be follow only by schools that are supported by the state and run by local authorities. Independent (private) schools, free schools, and academies are all allow to design their own curricula, although, in practice, the majority do follow the National Curriculum. 

The National Curriculum specifies subjects, themes, as well as how key stage 2 syllabus students should be evaluate or assesse and the level they should achieve.

What subjects are taught in the key stage 2 syllabus?

The salient pointers of the key stage 2 syllabus are outline in the National Curriculum. There are eleven require subjects: 

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Science
  4. History
  5. Geography
  6. Modern and antiquated foreign languages
  7. Music, design, and art
  8. Technical and creative
  9. Exercise instruction (which must include swimming)
  10. Computing (also cry out information and communication technology or ICT) (often called information and communication technology or ICT)

Why choose GIIS? 

The exceptional Cambridge and Indian CBSE curricula make GIIS one of the top international schools in Malaysia. For individuals seeking a holistic educational experience in a multicultural setting. Visit their website to get your child enroll in the best school in Malaysia. 

Their distinctive teaching method emphasizes academic and non-academic brilliance, which gives many of their students an advantage over their peers. They receive training in nine different academic disciplines, giving them a well-round education and a wonderful opportunity to enroll in a top college worldwide.

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