Why Taking a Computing Course is a Good Idea?

Why Taking a Computing Course is a Good Idea?

It would be a wise idea to take advantage of a contemporary computing course because knowing how to operate a computer is one of those imperatives in life these days.

A little bit of programming can help you in living it up with your computer. A great many people avoid the word programming – something that we partner with nerds and is thought to be too hard to even consider understanding. We have a few devices, we have the mouse and we can click – that is all we want to be aware of in computers to make it work. That is evident.

I’m really amused with my cousin who never took a computing course in her life. She is just not interested in it, and she won’t even buy a computer. Of course, I tried to convince her that a computer would make her life easier, but she just wouldn’t give in.

Taking a Computing Course

I can’t persuade her to purchase a Basic computer course, even if I told her that she could do all her shopping on the web. I explained to her that she could even order her groceries and have them delivered where she lives if she has a computer. However, my cousin still refuses to buy a basic desktop computer and take a simple computing course. I even offered to teach her all she needs to know if she would get a stinking computer. Well, I guess some folks just have trouble evolving.

I took my last computing course in 2000. I wanted to learn all the basics of hardware and software so I took two backtoback computer courses. It proved to be beneficial because I was able to use most of what I learned from these two general computing courses. Of course, I also made a few new friends through those classes. This is always a fun aspect of taking classes.

To be honest, I was totally PC and Mac ignorant when I went into my computer courses. In fact, I couldn’t even tell you what a USB port was. Fortunately, I can now surf the web and take full advantage of newage software with confidence. It’s a blast when you know what you’re doing. Anyway, let me give you a quick test. Do you know what an IP address ?

You need to take a computing course if you don’t know this one. An IP address is a very basic stuff. The IP address is a number that identifies your particular computer so that you can be tracked when you go into cyberspace. You will be assigned an IP address every time you log on if you’re using dialup. On the other hand, you have a permanent IP address if you are using a cable connection that’s always online.

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