yasin valley

yasin valley

The best time to go to Yasin Valley

The period between April and October is the ideal time to plan a trip to Yasin Valley. But, outside of this period, you’ll be battling cold and severe weather , too. I was there in the middle of May, and the valley was lush with mountains covered in snow. However, it was cold at night, however the daytime temperature was very pleasant. So, I would suggest that July and August is the best season to go to Yasin valley.Because you can also take advantage of the fruit and fishing during this time. The disadvantage is that during these times there is a massive flow of tourists from all over Pakistan.

From Gilgit to Yasin

Local Hiece is the best option. You must purchase tickets at the Gahdi Bagh, which is located near the bridge dubbed Shajee Ada on river view road. The vehicles depart every hour between 10 to 10.


 Darkot Pass is a historical pass that has been discriminately classified as a restricted zone by the Government of Pakistan. This pass used to be the shortest means of Communication between oxus and Indus ([www.yasinvalley.com]www.yasinvalley.com). Tourists from both countries are enthralled by the trek up the Assumbur pass until Ishqamen valley.

between 5 and from 5 to. The cost is 500 rupees. When you’re aboard Hiace’s Hiace Van It will take you two hours to reach Gahkuch where you can relax and enjoy tea. The trip will continue for 2 hours and after that, you’ll arrive in Yasin Valley(central Yasin). It will take about four and an hour to reach Yasin by local transportation. But, on return to Gilgit the buses depart at 5 am, which is early in the morning. So, you should be ready when you return.

Where do you want to stay and where can you remain Yasin Valley

In Yasin Taus, there are many guesthouses and hotels in you will be able to find accommodations in the region. However, the majority of these guesthouses and hotels are not stocked with resources however they’re affordable, and the food served is of a natural source. However, prices can vary based on the amount of tourists who are visiting.

Geographical Background:

Ghizer District is the northernmost region in Gilgit Baltistan, connecting GB with Chitral via Shandur Pass and also to Afghanistan, Tajikistan via Kurumber valley that is an integral part of Khodarg Werth Pass that runs through Tehsil Ishkomen. The district is comprised of four tehsils, namely Punial, Ishkomen, Gupis, as well as Yaseen. Each of these has valleys with additional valleys that provide breathtaking views.

Khukush Langer Lake:

 Baha Lake has sky blue color and is a significant source of freshwater that is filled with fish. It is one of the largest lake in the Gilgit Baltistan region with an estimated length of 5 kilometers, Lake is part of Shandur National Park as well. Baha Lake is accessible via the road which takes around 3 hours to reach from the Langer-Shandur highway. The road leads to the swat valley in KPK province through a high mountains pass.


There were a number of prominent individuals were part of Yasin Valley including Gohar Aman, an armoured warrior who defeated the oppressors and invaders while fighting the smaller states in the state nearby.

Climate/Weather Condition:

Yasin valley is typically cold. The winters can be particularly harsh temperatures dropping to 15 degrees in the night. The days are usually sunny , which is why it’s a great place to be in the daytime.


The hospitality of the people and also Culture

The people who live in the valley are very warm and welcoming. Most of them are part of the Islmaili community.

Gilgit Baltistan : Yasin Valley Gallery

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Due to the proximity of Ishkarwaz to Afghanistan border, the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint will ask for the National Identity Card (NIC). . But, the government has recently revoked its conditions for NOC in an effort to boost tourism within the region.

Due to its elevation due to its altitude, the conditions in Broghil Valley can be extremely brutal, particularly during Winter months. In the average, the valley gets between five and six feet of snowfall each year. Dust storms and heavy rainfall are also quite common.

In the months before winter’s arrival the residents of Broghil Valley buy food items as well as wood and grass for their animals. When the weather turns cold and snow starts to fall the residents spend their time in their homes. In recent times small stores have been opened in villages, supplying the inhabitants with the basic necessities.


But the Yak race and yak polo are the main highlights during this festival. Broghil Valley Festival.

When the weather turns cold and snow starts to fall the locals spend their time in their homes. In recent times small stores have been opened in villages.

giving the inhabitants essential necessities for the residents. The ideal season to go to Broghil Valley falls between June and August. 


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