Your Florida business attorney

Your Florida business attorney

Florida business attorney

Our mission is straightforward: helping you reach the goals of your business goals, regardless of what they might be. Our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance for small and mid-sized businesses throughout their entire existence, from the beginning to closing.

Corporate Law Services

We are a full-service commercial law firm. We offer the following services:

Corporate Formation

Our lawyer Sonny Lozada assist entrepreneurs to make their business goals into reality. We help with every stage of the business’s formation such as entity selection and the drafting of governing documents like shareholder and partnership agreements.

General Business Counsel

We often assume the responsibility of corporate internal counsel who handles every aspect of negotiations and contract writing as well as dispute settlement aiding with internal governance concerns as well as providing legal counsel and legal advice in everyday business decisions, such as the sale and purchase interest in business. Our lawyers also provide advice regarding general regulatory and tax issues.

Corporate Dissolution

Businesses do not always last forever. Businesses change and people might have different objectives or opportunities they wish to explore. The process of dissolving a company involves numerous factors. Our firm can assist in either the dissolution or sale of the business. We can also assist entrepreneurs develop strategies for succession planning which safeguard your financial security.

It is the Combination Of Financial, Legal And Business Experience

When providing advice to businesses that require legal advice, our attorneys draw on their many years of legal and business experience. They assist clients to understand the long-term business and financial consequences a decision can affect their business, and then put the necessary legal safeguards like Noncompete Agreements to be in place to help position their business for growth in the future.

Our lawyers are aware of the financial and business factors that play a role in the running of an enterprise. Lawyer Sonny Lozada Florida business attorney has an M.S. of Science (MST) in taxation. He also previously was an accountant certified by the public accounting profession (CPA) (license expired) along with Attorney Michael Sjuggerud has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in international business. The combination of experience in law along with business acumen and financial expertise ensures that our attorneys are able to provide advice to clients regarding the full range of business demands.

Florida Business Attorney

Each business begins with a brilliant idea with the best intentions, but you have to establish the right legal foundation before you can grow it into an enterprise that is successful. To ensure a profitable business, you must be anticipating the needs of the future for both you and your clients.

The creation of secure contracts as well as understanding intellectual property and implementing crucial regulations are only the essential steps you need to follow with a professional’s advice.

Whether you are starting an upcoming company or you want to make sure that your existing firm is legal let us offer effective representation. Lopez Law Group has an ongoing commitment to supporting the hardworking Florida business owners and we can guide you through the complex legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Below are some areas where we can help:

  • Negotiations and contract draft
  • Intellectual property
  • Taxes
  • Employment law
  • Immigration law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Regulations
  • Finances and collections

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